7 Keys for Successful Relationships

1. Faithfulness
Demonstrate honesty, self-control, respect and integrity

2. Fulfillment
Meet each others needs. Focus on your spouse and not yourself.

3. Fun
Let loose and be playful. Remain a kid at heart. Don't take life to seriously

4. Friendship
Your spouse should always be your best friend

5. Faith
A mutual faith in God will strengthen your relationship to each other

6. Focus
Your spouse should always be the main focus in your life.  Never stop dating each other.  Show daily acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and romance to each other.

7.  Forgiveness
Never stop growing together.  Learn from your mistakes.  Let problems strengthen your relationship and not weaken it.  Allow time to make your relationship better and not bitter.  Be a peace maker and not contentious, quarrelsome or argumentative. Remember that no one is right in a argument.