Recommended Churches

Morningside Christian Fellowship
(Main Partnering Church hosting an Abilities Outreach)

People's Church
Church on the Queensway
Willowdale Pentecostal Church

Lakeshore Baptist Church

The Meeting House

Kingsview Community Church

Calvary Baptist Church

Coming Soon
Wasaga Beach

Centre Street Church

United States

Abilities Church Calfornia
(Resource Ministry)

Bartimaeus Baptist Temple

New York
Tabernacle of Joy




South India


The churches above are inclusive towards the accessbility community and many of  them operate their own inhouse disability ministries. The Abilities Ministries recommends the churches above as they are proactive to invite and include people with disabilities within their congregrations. If you would like to have your church added to this network please e-mail us your church's information at:

Note: Some of the churches above have officially partnered with the Abilities Ministries to host their own Abilities Outreaches and/or Accessibility Sundays and other  churches operate their own disability outreaches or ministries.  

Recommending and Endorsing Churches

The Abilities Ministries recommends and endorses churches that are publicly or openly inclusive towards people with disabilities to the accessibility community. We only recommend churches that are doctrinally orthodox or Biblically based who have displayed a proactive outreach and/or ministry towards people with disabilities.  Furthermore churches must be physically, emotionally and spiritually accessible to the whole community. We endorse both partnering and non-partnering churches that we have personally investigated and approved to be respecting the rights and choices of people with disabilities to equally participate within their whole congregations.

General guidelines for partnering churches who desire to host an Abilities Outreach or Accessibility Sunday

1. Each partnering church that host an Abilities Outreach and/or Accessibility Sunday
    are united and strengthened together through a common accessibility network

2. The main Abilities Outreach campus is based in Toronto at Morningstar Christian 

3. Each location is financially, legally and ethically responsible for its own operation

4. Each partnering church must hold to the doctrinal and moral essentials of the Christian 
   Faith and be considered to be doctrinally orthodox or Biblically sound within the
   established and collective Body of Christ.

5. The Abilities Ministries provides recommendations, logistical and promotional support
    but each partnering church is responsible for their own governance and development of   
    their Abilities Outreaches and/or Accessibility Sundays

Other Ministries that provide church services and programs for people with disabilities

Journey of Hope- Sheldon Penner Ministries

The Special Gathering

Tabernacle of Joy Ministries

Joni and Friends

Life without Limbs

Good Samaritan Church- Me and My Friends

Friendship Ministries

We have endorsed the following churches that are inclusive towards people with disabilities!