Abilities Outreach Pakistan
Abilities Outreach Pakistan is a ministry of  Consuming Fire Ministries of Pakistan International.  Please contact Pastor Rachel for Pastoral Care.

*Prayers & Visitations

*Counseling and Healing

*Baptisms, weddings or funerals

Contact Information:
E-mail: minister_rachel@yahoo.com
Church Office Tel: 0092-42-3500-5713
Cell: 0092-300-461-2175
Pastor Rachel John
Abilities Pakistan Representatives
Pastoral Care

Join us in following the example and mandate of Christ in giving people with disabilities a priority  within the church today!
The church is one body with many members of different abilities of which God favours the weaker members above the strong. 1 Corinthians 12:12-24
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for special events, services and crusades.

People with disabilities should be first in the church and not last!
Jesus commanded us to honor "the least among us as the greatest in God's Kingdom" and to personally practice inclusion by inviting and bringing people with disabilities to all our social gatherings. Luke 14:12, 21

Let's Integrate!

Welcome to
Pakistan's First

Abilities Outreach Ministry
A place for everyone

First Saturday of every month

22/3 Modern Colony near F.G.A Bible School Peco Road Kot
Lakhpat Lahore Pakistan.

7 pm- 9 pm
The first fully inclusive worship experience
for people of all abilities
Abilities Outreach Ministries are not segregated groups or special needs ministries but inclusion ministries that operate as a fully integrated part with the regular worship services of mainstream churches.
Pastor John AD
Pastor Evg Javed AD