Abilities Outreach Liberia
Abilities Outreach Liberia is a ministry of  Mount Zion Great  Commission Outreach Ministries. Please contact Pastor Philip Gonger for Pastoral Care.

*Prayers & Visitations
*Baptisms, weddings or funerals

Contact Information:

Minister. Philip Saywrayne. Gongar
Pastor: Mount Zion Great Commission Outreach Ministries
Camp Johnson road, Monrovia, Liberia West Africa, Adjacent St. Thomas Episcopal Church.

Cell1: +231 886 774 065
Cell2: +231 776 880 832
E-mail: abilitiesministryliberia@hotmail.com

Associate Minister: House of David Ministries Inc.
807 E. semoran Blvd. Apopka, Florida 32703 U.S.A
Pastor Philip S. Gongar
Abilities Liberia Representatives
Pastoral Care
Strengthening the evangelism, discipleship and missions of the church through the first local church outreach ministry to the whole disabled community that is fully integrating people with disabilities within the church. Click here to learn more about Abilities Ministries International

Equally inviting and including people with disabilities within the regular worship services of mainstream churches

Please consider donating to Abilities Outreach Liberia as churches in developing countries have to also provide humanitarian aid and support to people with disabilities that they are desiring to spiritually minister to. Developing countries like Liberia do not have the institutions and organizations we have in the West that provide support and services to the disabled community therefore they are in need of your financial support to provide for the basic physical needs of their people.  They must meet people's physical needs before they can meet their spiritual needs.  Please send all your donations directly to Mount Zion Great Commission Outreach Ministries c/o Abilities Ministries Liberia at the address below:

Camp Johnson road, Monrovia, Liberia West Africa,

Join us in following the example and mandate of Christ in giving people with disabilities a priority  within the church today!
The church is one body with many members of different abilities of which God favours the weaker members above the strong. 1 Corinthians 12:12-24

People with disabilities should be first in the church and not last!
Jesus commanded us to honor "the least among us as the greatest in God's Kingdom" and to personally practice inclusion by inviting and bringing people with disabilities to all our social gatherings. Luke 14:12, 21

Let's Integrate!

Welcome to Liberia's First
Abilities Outreach Ministry
A place for everyone

Grand Opening Service!

February 28, 2013
Mount Zion Great Commission Outreach Ministries
Camp Johnson Road, Monrovia, Liberia, Adjacent St. Thomas Episcopal Church
The first fully inclusive worship experience for people of all abilities
Abilities Outreach Ministries are not segregated groups or special needs ministries but inclusion ministries that operate as a fully integrated part with the regular worship services of mainstream churches.
Please pray for our church (Mount Zion Great Commission Outreach Ministries), our church building has recently been destroyed in a storm. If you would like to help support us  in rebuilding the church edifice please contact us directly.
Abilities Outreach Liberia Flyer
Abilities Outreach Liberia Flyer
Brother Mark S. Johnson
Pastor Jefferson Hynes
Mother Zlanweah Myers