The first local church outreach
to the accessibility community

The Abilities Ministries (TAM) is a disability rights Christian group and accessiblity network that is leading the way in promoting and protecting the rights and choices of people with disabilities to equally participate within the church. TAM has been recognized as a leader in integrating people with disabilities within the church and community; receiving many endorsements and commendations from major community and faith based organizations.

We offer 3 important things to the community and church

Awareness & Advocacy
Educating the community and church on their shared responsibility of inclusion for people with disabilities.

Abilities Outreaches
Enabling partnering churches to successfully, proactively, stragetically and regularly reach out to the disability community in their area.

Accessibility Sundays
Endorsing the annual accessibility services of partnering churches within the whole accessibility sector in their area.

5 Reasons for making Abilities Outreaches a priority in your church

1. Disabilities affects every area of our life, society and
    church as every person will be affected by either visible
    or invisible disabilities in their life time.

2. Jesus’ life, ministry and teachings demonstrates that
    inclusion is not a personal vision or calling for some
    people but rather a universal mandate, social focus
    and spiritual priority for the whole church & community.

3. God prefers to use the weak to lead and teach the so
    called strong; and people with disabilities teach us that
    God's presence and power is fully revealed through our
    human weaknesses and not our strengths.

4. The Bible commands us to invite and bring people with  
    disabilities to our social events and gatherings.

5. Inclusion is a human right and a Biblical mandate that
    demands we treat all people equally within the church
    and community.

Join us in following the example and mandate of Christ in giving people with disabilities a priority  within the church.
    VIP Supporters and Friends
The Abilities Ministries has been featured in the following media organizations
Participating Organizations
Individuals from the following organizations have participated at Abilities Outreach Toronto

Community Living Toronto, The Salvation Amy, Reena, Mary Centre, Christian Horizons, Community Living York South, Pace Independent Living, Participation House Durham, Surrey Place, Surrex, Kerry's Place, Bloorview Kids Rehab, Community Living Pickering, Ajax and Whitby, Montage, Vita, L'Arche, DramaWay, Famous PEOPLE Players, Windreach Farms, Variety Village,        Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf, CBM Canada, CNIB, Abilities Centre, Community Living Oshawa, Community Living London

Note: Organizations or agencies supporting individuals with disabilities participating at TAM will be acknowledged on our web site and flyers

      The Biblical Mandate of Inclusion             Inclusion Test

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Singers Aileen Lombardo & Justin Hines             Nick Vujicic                      Toronto City Counsillor Shelly Carroll              Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Honorable David Onley             WDCX 99.5 Fm personalities with AMI Team

The least among us are first in God's Kingdom!
People with disabilites should be first in the church and not last, because Christ commanded us to honor the least among us as the greatest in God's Kingdom

People with disabilities teach us that God's purposes, presence and power are fully revealed
when we become completely dependent on God through our weaknesses and not our strengths
1. "Invite them" (people with disabilities) - A Strategic Priority
     Vs. 13 "invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind"
2. "Bring them" (people with disabilities) - A Supportive Priority
     Vs. 21 "bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame"
3. "Compel them" (people with disabilities) - A Strong Priority
     Vs. 23 "compel them to come in, so that my house will be full"
Starting an Abilities Outreach is as easy as ABC
A- Affirm your church is a place  for everyone
B- Book your Abilities Presentation
C- Confirm your Abilities Outreach
Reasons & Benefits for Partnering Together

Abilities Ministries
Respecting the choices and rights of people with disabilities to equally participate within the
whole church by promoting a fully inclusive worship experience for people of all abilities

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A disability rights Christian Group & Accessbility Network

                               Powerful Quotes from Jean Vanier about people with disabilities
Disonnected Stats

There is a huge disconnection between today’s church
stats and the Biblical stats on people with disabilities
when up to 95% of people with visible disabilities do
not attend church on a regular basis and only 1% of churches have special needs ministries in comparison
to stats given by disability theologians that over 65% 
of the whole Bible is dedicated to disability related 
issues with over 50% of Christ earthly ministry being
centred around people with disabilities; along with 12 
well known Bible characters with visible disabilities 
which God used to transform their worlds.  People with disabilities were also at the centre of the early church 
and of many of the great revivals in Christian history.
They have taught me more about the gospel, relationships,
psychology, philosophy and Jesus himself than anything else

“People with disabilities have taught me more about the gospel and even about human relations than all the great psychological and philosophical concepts; or rather they have allowed me to catch a glimpse of what should be true theology, true philosophy and true psychology, for this am truly grateful to them. More than this, I have discovered Jesus in them, Jesus radiating goodness, Jesus the mirror of purity, Jesus meek and humble, and sometimes Jesus suffering  and in agony….. truly strength lies in weakness ..... So- called "normal" men often hide their real selves behind a wall of timidity, hardness, and a certain hypocrisy and quest for social esteem.  They are almost afraid to show themselves as they are. The mentally handicapped are not like this. The defective has nothing to lose.  The affectionate and delicate gesture of a so-called "subnormal" man has more value before God and for the world than great human acts carried  out with a desire for power and domination...God is not impressed with our human excellence but with our human dependence upon Him alone”..."Every human being has a moral, social and spiritual responsibility to follow the example and mandate of Christ in giving people with disabilities a priority within our society today. The test of your faith is how you view and value people with disabilities in comparison to yourself and your acquaintances".  Jean Vanier
How to build an Abilities Outreach?
1. Invite- Luke 14:12-14  Officially invite   the disabled community to your church through the Abilities Ministries

2. Integrate- 1 Cor 12:18-25  Openly integrate with people with disabilities as   one Body in Christ that honours the weaker members above the strong

3. Identify- 1 Cor 9:22  Outwardly identify with people with disabilities by connecting with them inwardly
Strengthening the mission of the church and community by equally inviting, including and integrating people with disabilities within the church!
"The Church is one Body with many members of different abilities of which
God honors the weaker member above the strong". 1 Corinthians 12:12-24
Abilities Outreach Toronto (AOT) is based
at Morningstar Christian Fellowship

You're invited to worship with us every Sunday at 9am
or 11am at Morningstar Christian Fellowship at 7601 Sheppard Ave East (Sheppard Ave. & Morningside Ave.) Please visit our web page for AOT for more information.
Abilities Outreaches are modeled after Christ 3 fold
mandate, plan & priority of inclusion in Lk 14:12-23
Is your church proactive in promoting and protecting the rights and choices of people with disabilities to equally participate within the church today?

It should not be Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Tim Horton’s and other secular businesses leading the way in making accommodations for including people with disabilities within their companies.  It is time for we as the church to start  taking the lead, not just because it is the law; but because we have a Biblical mandate from Christ himself to intentionally include people with disabilities within God’s Kingdom and the Body of Christ- the church.  Is your church respecting      the international laws and rights of persons with disabilities which Canada, the United States and 42 other developed countries have endorsed and adopted as a part of their own national human rights laws?  Some of the General Principles    in Article 3 of the CRPD  (UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities)

1. Respect for inherent dignity, individual autonomy including the freedom to
   make one’s own choices, and independence of persons;
2. Full and effective participation and inclusion in society;
3. Respect for difference and acceptance of persons with disabilities as part
   of human diversity and humanity;
4. Non-discrimination; Equality of opportunity; Accessibility
1. We Educate the church and community on the rights
of people with disabilities to participate within the church.

2. We Enable partnering churches to successfully
reach to the accessibility community.

3. We Equip churches through disability theology which fulfills its social, scriptural and spiritual responsibilities
to invite and include people with disabilities in the church..

4. We Empower the disability community through information and invitations that provides them with more choices and opportunities to equally participate or   worship at inclusive churches for their community.

5. We Endorse partnering churches to the accessibility community in their area

6. We Experience a worship environment that is equally inclusive towards people of all abilities.

7. We Embrace all people equally in order to strengthen the evangelism, discipleship and mission of the church    by "honoring the least among us as the greatest in
God's Kingdom".
The Abilities Ministries and Morningstar Christian Fellowship receiving awards from MPP Tracy MacCharles and MPP Bas Balkissoon during the launch of their  Abilities Outreach to proactively include people with disabilities within the church.
The only self-sustained local church outreach ministry to the accessibility community that is fully integrated with   the regular worship services of partnering churches
Thank you for visiting us today. We serve as a bridge to connect the accessibility and Christian community together by fulfilling the initiatives and missions of both groups. Churches with or without disability ministries would greatly benefit from our extensive accessibility network.
"People with disabilities   are the best teachers of spiritual truths"

Every persons will be affected by visible and/or invisible disabilities during their lifetime. There are physical,
mobility, developmental, social, emotional, learning, mental health, immunity, illness related, sensory,
injury, aging and spiritual disabilities that affect everyone at different levels and stages.
How accessible is your church?
Not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually?

Responsibility of Community

1. Protect and respect the rights and choices of people with disabilities to equally participate within churches that are inclusive towards them.

2. Provide equal opportunities for people with disabilities
to regularly participate within churches that are physically, emotionally and spiritually accessible towards them.

3. Promote freedom and access of information regarding disability inclusive and friendly churches.
Responsibility of Church

1. Integrate with people with disabilities: Treat the least among us as the greatest in God's Kingdom and favour the weaker members of Christ Body above the strong. Mat 25:42-45;1 Cor 12:24,25

2. Identify with people with disabilities: Personally, emotionally and spiritually identify with the weak. 1 Cor 9:22

3. Invite people with disabilities: Intentionally and regularly invite and bring them to all our gatherings. Luke 14:12-23
Abilities Outreaches & Accessibility Sundays are based on the highest or gold standard of full Integration
Separate services, programs or groups for people with disabilities are an outdated and discriminatory integration model. Full integration within the regular worship
services, events and programs of the church is the current standard, requirement and expectation. Our Abilities Outreaches and Accessibility Sundays are modeled
after the highest guidelines of integration as outlined by Accessibility and Scriptural standards. Full integration must be the rule not the exception within the church.