22 Tips For Defeating Depression

Thinking determines feelings and feelings dictate behaviors

1. Acknowledge the cause of your depression
2. Apply positive conditioning from the Scriptures
3. Affirm yourself regularly.  Love yourself as God loves you.
4. Associate with optimistic people
5. Avoid negative reinforcement
6. Attain professional treatment
7. Acquire a support group
8. Attend to your physical health and well being
9. Allow stress to release itself through exercise, prayer & worship
10. Aspire to help and support others in need
11. Amend your frustrations with faith
12. Attribute weaknesses as strengths
13. Assure your mind through inspiration
14. Accept yourself and your situation in life
15. Add humor and laughter to your life
16. Attach anxiety with prayer, relaxation and meditation
17. Avert despair with gratitude through prayer & worship
18. Afford yourself regular recreational enjoyment
19. Ascent above your problems through God's promises to you
20. Adjust your thinking to transform your experiences
21. Align your desires with your thinking. Have the mind of Christ
22. Adopt accountability for your emotions

Conclusion: Feelings are chemical, contagious, conditioned, conforming, controlling, contradictory and changeable. The secret to fighting depression is:

1. Stay Active
2. Seek Assistance and
3. Stimulate Affirmation

How to Deal with Depression