Colin Alexander Brennan

Colin came into the world on July 5th, 2002. Colin is 9 years old and is Autistic, (high functioning) He was singing before he could talk. His parents have VHS movies of him singing full songs by the Care Bears when he was only 4 years old! He was born and raised in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

His current favourite artists are Justin Bieber, Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Hedley, Kesha, Sarah Mclachlan, Nikki Yanofsky, Pink, and K’naan.

Colin had to have extensive speech therapy to talk in full sentences, but NEVER had to have any therapy to sing! He just cannot help himself. Whenever he hears a song, he has to sing it loud! His autism gives him some special abilities. He can listen to a song that he likes a lot and memorize all the words in a very short time. He can remember the song months later like he just heard it yesterday. His Autism also gives him perfect pitch on so many songs that have high pitch notes.

He has been singing “professionally” only for two years now and he is really enjoying it, especially when he goes to the recording studio. He does have one original song which his father wrote for him for an America’s Got Talent video contest, but there is no actual music to it yet, (working on that). He was one of the top ten finalists in the Nationwide Teletoon Network television Karaoke contest. While he did not win that contest because he did not get enough mouse clicks from the public, he did win in raw talent. The Contest Director was cheering him to win! Currently, Colin is singing in the prestigious Oakville Children’s Choir. Colin was asked by the owner/DJ of an internet radio station in Arkansas USA, (KXBG with over 35,000 listeners) to send him a CD of his songs after hearing him on You-Tube and Facebook. During the first week that Colin’s songs were being played Monday through Friday at 3:58 p.m., he charted on their Top 40 chart with him reaching #15 for his Baby song and #17 for his I Believe song. Two weeks later, his One Time song charted at number 24! Given that Colin just turned 9 years old and he has not had any formal vocal training yet, the sky is the limit!

Colin has recorded 11 cover songs at River 16 Studio’s here in
Oakville. Ontario Canada.
They are:
I got a Feeling (Originally by The Black Eyed Peas)
Party in the USA (Originally by Miley Cyrus)
Eenie Meenie (Originally by Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston)
Baby (Originally by Justin Bieber)
One Time (Originally by Justin Bieber)
I believe (Originally by Nikki Yanofsky)
One Voice (Originally by Billy Gilman)
My Time on Earth (Originally by Billy Gilman)
Where is Love (From the 1968 Movie, Oliver Twist)
F***king Perfect (Without the swear word, originally by Pink)
When Christmas Comes To Town from the Polar Express
Animated Movie
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He has one original song called...”I’m Awake Now”  His parents are saving up their money to try to get some music to go along with it, hopefully soon!

Colin’s parents have tried to raise him as “normal” as possible. Colin has been so humble and very professional during all that has been happening to him in the past two years with his singing. The owner of the River 16 Studio (Rob Lackie) was so impressed at how easy it was to work many long hours with Colin during his studio recording times. “He’s no Diva” he said, and “believe me I’ve met my fair share of Divas in this business!” All of this singing for other people started with Colin asking his father one night to audition for The Next Star singing competition on YTV Television Network. His father had no clue what he was talking about, and after doing the research on the show and watching the TV commercials that got Colin “hooked” on wanting to compete, he was happy to drive him to the audition hotel. He was nervous for Colin as there were 4000 other children who were auditioning. Colin was excited to go but had Zero nerves or butterflies in his belly. That was reserved for his father! He made it through two of three Tiers in that competition and it ended there. The staff was so impressed with him that they still remember him today! He was just 7 years old at that time. The same thing happened during the audition to be accepted into the Oakville Children’s Choir. The music Director put him through many vocal tests, and his father was a nervous wreck for him. Colin did everything asked of him and sang his Christmas song like it was just another day at the office.

For the past year, Colin has made a few videos which have been posted on Youtube. He has a following of a few hundred people who eagerly look forward to the next video to be posted. Several people have commented that they love his singing so much, that they have downloaded it onto their iPods to listen to while they are exercising.
In October 2010, Colin and his Father flew to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where Colin was invited and asked to sing the Canadian National Anthem in front of 200 people at the UBC Robson Square Theatre in the Downtown Vancouver core. The event was called the ANCA Naturally Autistic People Awards. After singing the Anthem for the audience, Colin also sang a duet with an international award winning Metis singer, Janet Panic. They both performed her “It will all work out” theme song together on stage at the end of the show. During the intermission and at the end of the event, audience members came up to Colin and his Father and said they had goosebumps and were on the verge of tears listening to Colin sing!

During the Spring of 2011 at the newly founded radio station Xtrasound in Shirley Arkansas USA, Colin charted among the top 10 out of 40 for three of his cover songs. He came in 3rd, 4th and 8th out of 40! He was with so many other talented artists it was amazing that he was voted into their league at such a young age.

Colin has just recently become a vocal student with an amazing vocal coach. His name is Gregory Cross at  the Cross Vocal Academy. He is helping him to discover many new methods to sing and new genres of music. Mr. Cross appeared as M. Firmin in the award winning Toronto production of Phantom of the Opera and on London’s West End in Miss Saigon. He has 35 years + as a professional vocalist.
Colin competed again in The Next Star Vocal competition year, (2011) held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Downtown Toronto. As he did last year he made it through two of three very tough rounds when thousands of other young singers didn’t even make it through the very first round. The 5 Producers/Judges told Colin when he sang “Baby” for them that he was better than Justin Beiber. He also sang “One Voice” for them full out. They also told him that he sang up to their strict standards and that he was very cute and they loved his outfit. When Colin told them he was Autistic, they said that was amazing! We still do not understand why they will not let him through to the final round. We guess because of his younger age, as we have noticed that the singers that do make it through all three rounds are in their pre-teen age group.

Colin also travelled to Nashville Tennessee and Bowling Green Kentucky USA to compete in the Beech Bend Superstar Contest on stage. He was first up on stage and he sang his rendition of “One Voice” in front of the 2 Judges and an audience of 50+ people. While he made the mistake of not holding onto the Microphone and standing still on stage, he was told by the professional Judges that he had a clear and pure voice! The Mother of the actual winner of that week’s competition said to Colin that he was amazing and awesome! Many people came up to him and told him how well he sang after the contest was over. The husband/wife team of Judges who are Producers and owners of a recording studio and a radio show told us to call them and to discuss working with them in the near future! It was a great experience for Colin!
Colin also received a personal letter from the Prime Minister of Canada, (the equivalent to The President of the United States), The Right Honourable Stephen Harper. He congratulated Colin on all his past and future singing accomplishments and acknowledged his hard work and listening to his CD! Colin stated that he was very happy to hear that the “Big Boss of Canada” likes his singing!
Colin just recently Auditioned at Canada’s Got Talent with his version of “Where is Love” from the 1968 Movie, “Oliver” (Twist) and the two Producers loved it! One of the singers who was part of his group cried while he sang! He was then filmed for 20 minutes by the second Producer for the show as they were so smitten with him!

Colin was also honoured to receive a letter from Prince William and Princess Catherine, (Kate) The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, (England) acknowledging his singing from his CD!

Colin competed in 4 classes at the prestigious Burlington Music Festival where he won 4 First Place Gold Medals along with 4 First Place official Certificates. He also won one Junior Scholarship of $75.00 cash towards his tuition for his Vocal Coach from the same Burlington Music Festival. Colin competed in the Annual Singing contest called the Glenburnie (Private) School Performing Arts Challenge Vocal Divisions, and there he won 3rd Place overall with a Trophy and a medal where he sang, “Where is Love.”

Colin was invited by the Owner/Operator of the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre in Oakville, Ontario, Canada to sing with the Internationaly famous singer/songwriter Mr. Justin Hines. He sang a duet with Mr. Hines of his current hit song, “Courage” and then sang solo, one song, which he sang Oliver’s “Where is Love”. The official head count of audience members at this mini concert with Justin and his amazing Musical Production team was over 300 people! All this took place on January 22nd, 2012. Mr. Hines and his beautiful wife were very down to earth and kind and allowed Colin to shine and let him sing the duet from beginning to end together. Both Mr. Hines’ production team and Cogeco cable filmed the entire event. Justin said to Colin many times that he was an amazing singer with “perfect pitch.” Colin serenaded Justin with his rendition of “Consider Yourself” from the 1968 Movie “Oliver” while Justin was having his lunch! Then they rehearsed his “Courage” song together, two times, and Mr. Hines was so into singing with Colin he never did finish his lunch! Then almost immediately after their rehearsal they went off to the Big Show!