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Abilities Presentations (We offer 3 dynamic presentations)

1. Our informal introductory presentations are 30 minute meetings with one or more senior leadership
   members from your church which can take place in person or by a conference call.

2. Our official leadership presentations are 40 minutes and include the following:

a. 15 minute media presentation
b. 10 minute talk on the Biblical basis for an Abilities Ministries
c. 10 minute talk on the logistics of starting an Abilities Ministries
d. 5 minute question and answer period

3. Our official congregation presentations are 45 minutes and include the following:

Options: Either local church worship teams or Abilities Worship Team can lead worship before presentation.  Scott Farraway is the Abilities Worship Leader. Also you can book our worship team and/or single speaker.

a. 5 minute opening song by Kenny Rojas who is completely visually impaired. Kenny sings his
   signature song, “I can only imagine”.
b. 5 minute media presentation
c. 15 teaching on the Reasons and Benefits for starting an Abilities Ministries
d. 15 minute teaching on the Biblical Basis of an Abilities Ministries
e. Closing song from worship band

Abilities Worship Band

1. Between 4 and 5 members

2. Local and international bookings

3. Cost for travel and accommodations must
   be included in booking for 4 or 5 people

4. 1 to 5 day bookings

5. Flexible Honorariums

Booking Registration
Please e-mail us the information below to:

1. Name of your church or organization:

2. Name of event:

3. Purpose of event:

4. Location of event:

5. Date of event:

6. Time of event:

7. Length of event:

8. Booking Abilities Team or single speaker

9. Amount of Honorarium

10. Detailed description of event. Please list any other presenters participating at your event

Please note:
All bookings must be at least one to three months in advance

Outline of Presentation
Discover 6 Biblical Principles about people with disabilities that will transform your life and church!

1. Why the Bible is filled with examples of God using people with disabilities (Moses, Sampson, Jacob,
    Ehud, Mephibosheth, Jeroboam, Naaman, O/T Priest, Zacchaeus, Bartimaeus and Paul); and how and
    why was Jesus disabled for us through his beatings and death?

2. Why are we commanded to become as weak to the weak and comfort the feeble minded?

3. What is the Biblical purpose of disabilities?

4. How was Jesus’ earthly ministry authenticated by people with disabilities?

5. Why God favours the weaker members of His Body- the Church over the stronger?

6. Why are we commanded in the Scriptures to invite and bring people with disabilities to all our social
    gatherings and events?

7. Why did Jesus give people with disabilities a priority during his earthly ministry and why we should do
    the same in the church today?  How and why we should make the "least among us the greatest in
    God's Kingdom" today?

Discover how God’s power and presence is revealed through our human weaknesses, struggles, challenges, limitations and disabilities. You will also discover how God always uses the weak to lead and teach the so called strong; and how every human being will be affected by either visible or invisible disabilities within their life time. To book our team please contacts us at: 647-393-5721 or e-mail us at:  God Bless you!

Strengthening the Church through our Disabilities!

Disabilities affect every area of our human existence and experience- living, playing, work and worship.  Disabilities are an important part of every ministry of the church. Youth ministry. Seniors Ministry.  Missions. Discipleship. Evangelism. Counselling. Worship. Preaching and Teaching. Healing. Etc.

"People with disabilities should be given a priority
within the church today because they were at the
centre and heart of Jesus' earthly ministry"

Contact Information
Tel: 416-439-4809

Conference and workshop topics for Abilities Presentations
1. Disabilities affects everyone
2. The Disabled God
3. Strength through Disabilities
4. The purpose of disabilities
5. Revival and disabilities
6. Healing and disabilities
7. The Disabled Church
8. The Disabled Human Race
9. The Evolution of Disabilities
10. Famous people with disabilities
11. Visible and Invisible Disabilities
12. The Bible and Disabilities
13. Disability Rights
14. Inclusion is the Law
15. The Disability Culture
16. Aging Disabilities
17. The disability of depression
18. Sin is the greatest disability
19. Embracing your disabilities
20. Disability Theology
21. The priority of the church
22. The segregated Church
23. Discrimination in the Church
24. "The Hollywood Church" vs.
     "The Disabled Church"
Guidelines for booking Abilities events and directors

Abilities Ministries organized events
Any events (concerts, workshops or conferences) organized by an AMT director will be lead, facilitated and hosed by one of our directors in partnership with your organization.

Events organized by external organizations
Any event organized by a second party will be lead, facilitated and hosted by that organization in partnership with Abilities Ministries

Benefits of starting up an Abilities Outreach

3 physical benefits

1. The first self-sustained and self-sufficient local church invitation ministry to the disability community

2. No extra resources is required as your Abilities Outreach operates as a fully integrated part with your church

3. We provide you with free ongoing logistical and promotional support                           
3 spiritual benefits
1. Your Abilities Outreach will inspire people to believe in Jesus                                                                       
2. Your Abilities Outreach will strengthen the spiritual growth and discipleship of your church                                                                  
3. Your Abilities Outreach will authenticate the mission of the church

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