Accessibility Sundays
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Once a year every church can host an annual ACCESSIBILITY SUNDAY worship service for their community. The Abilities Ministries provides promotional and logistical support to churches in order to bring greater awareness towards our responsibility to invite and include people with disabilities within the whole community and church. When your church registers in our Accessibility Sunday Network your church will be endorsed and promoted through one of the largest accessibility networks in North America.  Accessibility Sundays will build on the huge regional momentum of our Dec 3rd Tribute/Abilities Awards events.

Churches with and without disability ministries would greatly benefit from being connected together through our extensive accessibility network.  We are stronger together as the Body of Christ when our unity is based on the heart and love of Jesus for the weaker members of His Body. 

Join us as we follow our Lord's personal example and mandate of inclusion towards people with disabilities!   Click here to download our Accessility Sunday Flyer to share with your friends, churches and pastors.

How to get started!

1. Decide on the date for your annual Accessibility Sunday Worship Service.  We would recommend a date on the week of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3rd)

2. Your pastor or guest speaker should bring a message related to the topic of "The Bible and Disability"

3. Book people with disabilities to give their testimonies and musical groups or singers with disabilities, like the Christian Horizon Choir. Optional: Our Abilities worship band, singers and speakers can be book for your events.

4. Promote your Accessibility Sunday Service through flyers, web site, social media, newspaper, radio and word of mouth.

5. Invite the whole Accessibility community in your area to attend your service.  The Abilities Ministries will help advertise your service through our extensive network.  Optional: Invite politicians and the media to cover event.

Why this annual accessibility service is important?

1. Building a stronger relationship with the accessibility community by fulfilling the mission of both the church and community to equally respect the rights and choices of people with disabilities to equally participate within the church.

2. Bringing greater freedom, authenticity, diversity and equality in worship by allowing the weaker members of Christ Body to minister to the stronger members.

3. Following the example and mandate of Christ to include people with disabilities within His Kingdom, which in return will strengthen the evangelism and discipleship of your church.

4. Bringing greater awareness towards disability theology within the church and community

5. Modeling an authenticate Christian life to our community that finds its strength through its weaknesses (2 Corinthians 12:9)

6. Following our Lord's example in authenticating His earthly ministry through people with disabilities by making them a priority.  (Matthew 11)

7. Breaking down human barriers of discrimination towards people with disabilities within the church and community.

Getting started is as easy as ABC

A- Affirm your social and scriptural responsibility towards accessibility

B- Book your annual accessibility service through your church.

C- Contact us to be added to our accessibility network and receive logistical & promotional support.

Register your church today!

Contact us at: to register your church in our Abilities Sunday Network and to get your church endorsed and promoted on one of the largest accessibility Networks in North America.

3 Reasons your church should host an Accessibility Sunday!

1. It AFFIRMS our social, spiritual and scriptural responsibilities to invite and include people with disabilities within the church. Luke 14:1-24; 1 Corinthians 9:22; 12:21-25; 1 Thess 5:14

2. It ADORNS the gospel of Christ to our community by following the example of our Lord in ministering to people with disabilities. Matthew 4:23. 24;11:-2-5

3. It ACTIVATES the power of God through the weaker members of his Body (The Church).  1 Cor 9:22; Romans 15:1; 1Cor 12:21-26

The Scriptural Plan and Priority of Inclusion

Why should we invite people with disabilities to church? Jesus commands us to intentionally, strategically and regularly invite and include people with disabilities within all our gatherings in His 3 fold mandate and plan of inclusion in Luke 14:12-21

1. A Strategic  Priority. Vs. 13 "invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind”- “Invite them”  
2. A Supportive Priority. Vs. 21 "bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame”- “Bring them”                                                                                                                                  
3. A Strong Priority. Vs. 23 "compel them to come in, so that my house will be full”- “Compel them”

Disability inclusion is a human right and Biblical mandate that includes the whole community and begins with you!
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Accessibility is a social responsibility, scriptural reality and spiritually rewarding
Thank you to Tyndale for getting behind our Accessibility Sunday Network and promoting it within their campus.
10 Reasons &  Benefits for Partnering together with the Abilities Network

1. We ENDORSE your church to accessibility organizations.

2. We ENABLE your church to reach out to the whole disability community in your area

3. We EDUCATE your church on disability issues.

4. We EQUIP your church through disability theology which fulfills your social, scriptural and spiritual responsibilities to proactively invite and include people with disabilities within your church.

5. We EMBRACE all people equally in order to strengthen the evangelism, discipleship and mission of the church by "honoring the least among us as the greatest in God's Kingdom".

6. We EXPERIENCE a worship environment that is equally inclusive towards people of all abilities and experience God's power through our brokenness and complete dependence upon Him.

7. It ENCOURAGES your church through the integrated worship and ministry of people with disabilities.

8. It ENDEARS your church to Christ because of His special love and favor for people with disabilities.

9. It ENGAGES your church with the accessibility movement and attracts family, friends, staff and advocates of people with disabilities to your church.

10. It EMPOWERS the disability community through information and invitations that provides them with more choices and opportunities to equally participate or worship at inclusive churches for people with disabilities within their communities.

You're Invited!
Accessibility Sunday
In collaboration with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Morningstar Christian Fellowship
Sunday November 27, 2016
7601 Sheppard Ave. East
(Sheppard Ave. & Morningside Ave.)
9am & 11am

Note: Accessibility Sundays will replace the Dec 3rd Triubute event formely known as the Abilities  Awards. Register your church today to host your own annual Accessibility Sunday for your community.
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