About Us
Our Unique History

The concept of an Abilities Church was inspired by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, the Honorable David C. Onley and evolved from The Mix Community Club in 2009. The Abilities Church developed out of the need to give people with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate within the whole community and church.  In 2011 the Abilities Church Ministries changed its name to The Abilities Ministries (TAM).

The Abilities Ministries (TAM) is an evangelical accessibility network that serves as a resource and support group for
the purpose of connecting the accessibility and Christian community together in order to mutually respect the rights
and choices of people with disabilities to equally participate within the church.  TAM operates under and through local churches to offer the following support:

Awareness & Advocacy
Educating the community and church on their shared responsibility of inclusion for people with disabilities

Abilities Outreaches
Enabling the church to successfully, proactively, stragetically and regularly reach out to the disability community

Accessibility Sundays
Endorsing the annual accessibility worship services of partnering churches within the whole accessibility sector

Abilities Outreaches are modeled after Christ 3 fold mandate of Inclusion in Luke 14 to "invite, bring and compel" people with disabilities to all our gatherings.

Partnership Opportunities

1. Book a leadership presentation
2. Book a church presentation
3. Host and Abilities Outreach or Accessibility Sunday

TAM has built a longstanding relationship and friendship with the accessibility community in the greater Toronto area, earning their trust to act as a bridge between the church and their community.  TAM is an evangelistic arm of the church that is intentionally, actively and regularly reaching out to the disability community to officially welcome and include them within churches that are socially and spiritually friendly towards people with disabilities. The Abilities Ministries also served as the lead organization for the official GTA celebration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Abilities Outreaches & Accessibility Sundays are based
on the highest or gold standard of full Integration

Separate services, programs or groups for people with disabilities are an outdated and discriminatory integration model.  Full integration within the regular worship services, events and programs of the church is the current standard, requirement and expectation.  Our Abilities Outreaches and Accessibility Sundays are modeled after the highest guidelines of integration as outlined by Accessibility and Scriptural standards. Full integration must be the rule not the exception within the church.
John Ward
Greater Toronto Area

Scott Farraway
Peel Halton and Wentworth Representative

Jaime E. Castro
GTA & Simcoe County

Joseph VaillanCourt
Ottawa Representative
Bio & Ministry

Vera Goudie
Abilities Outreach Toronto Rep.
(Morningstar Christian Fellowship)

Debi Moniz-Castro
Ministry Advocate

Reg Benoit
Worship Leader

Benoit Martineau
Worship Leader

Brian Woo
Social Media Director

Aikin D' Cunha
Worship Team Member

Kenny Rojas
Worship Team Member

Sharon Zurba
Worship Team Member

Jaime E. Castro
Founder and Public Relations Director
Abilities Outreaches are bridging the accessibility gap between the community and the church in order to strengthen our shared
responsibilities towards the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to follow the example and mandate of Christ in giving people with disabilities a priority within the church today in order to fully experience the presence and power of God through a church that finds its strength through its weaknesses by honoring the least among us as the greatest in God's Kingdom.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to equip and support the church in becoming equally inclusive towards people with disabilities through the development of Abilities Outreaches and Accessibility Sundays which operate as a fully integrated part with the regular worship services and events of the church.

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