Abilities Ministries
Respecting the choices and rights of people with disabilities to equally participate within the
whole church by promoting a fully inclusive and integrated worship experience for people of all abilities

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A disability rights Christian Group and Accessibility Network

Accessibility is a social and scriptural responsibility that is spiritually rewarding
Bringing the community and church together to strengthen our shared responsibility for accessibility and the inclusion of people with disabilities
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Awareness & Advocacy
Educating the community and church on their shared responsibility of inclusion for people with disabilities based on a Scriptural gospel and not a social gospel

Abilities Outreaches
Enabling the church to successfully, proactively, strategically and regularly reach out to the accessibility community and people with disabilities

Accessibility Sundays
Endorsing and promoting the annual Accessibility Sunday worship services of partnering churches within the whole accessibility sector in their area
"Where accessibility and faith are strongest together"
"Accessibility is not just a physical accommodation but also a personal acceptance"

Breaking News!
The Abilities Ministries is expanding into Simcoe County to partner with churches
in hosting Abilities Outreaches and Accessibility Sundays!

Grand Opening of Abilities Outreach London
                                                        Sunday September 24, 2017 @ 10:30 a.m.                                                       
Church of God: 155 Wharncliffe Rd. N. London , ON N6H 2B1
(Refreshments Provided)
RSVP your attendance: clbarnhart@rogers.com or 519-438-4980

Join our main partnering church for worship every week!
Sunday Worship @ 9am or 11am
Morningstar Christian Fellowship
7601 Sheppard Ave. East
(South west corner of Morningside Ave. & Sheppard Ave.)

Register your Church today with the Abilities Network
   1.  Book an Abilities presentation for your leadership team and/or congregation to educate them on "disability theology" and
on our joint responsibility and priority to invite, include and integrate people with disabilities within the churc
    2.  Host an Abilities Outreach through your church for your community through our network to officially invite the accessibility
organizations and people with disabilities to your regular worship services and special events at your church
3.  Host an annual Accessibility Sunday  to bring more awareness towards "disability theology" and our "inclusive gospel"

Abilities Outreaches & Accessibility Sundays are modeled after Christ's 3 fold mandate and priority of inclusion
in Luke 14:13,21,23 " Invite, bring and compel people with disabilities to come to all your gatherings"

Abilities Outreaches & Accessibility Sundays are based on the highest or gold standard of full integration into the regular worship services, events and programs of partnering churches
Bringing the community & church together to strengthen our shared responsibility for the inclusion of people with disabilities
The only self-sustained local church outreach ministry to the accessibility community that is fully integrated with the regular worship services of partnering churches